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Interflon Fin Grease MP 2/3

Multi Purpose Grease for a multitude of applications

Highly acclaimed, multipurpose heavy duty grease with Teflon. Provides for extremely long lasting protection against wear and corrosion. Engineered for a multitude of general machine lubrication applications over a wide range environmental conditions. For industrial applications when several different high performance lubricants are needed.

Obviously, this product allows you to safely extend service intervals to reduce costly maintenance, lubricant consumption, number of products on stock and component failure whilst improving productivity. 
Forms a good grease seal

Distinctive Properties and Key Advantages

    • Exceptional, long-lasting reduction of friction and wear
    • Difficult to rub off and wash off
    • Inhibits rust and corrosion
    • Stands up against high impact loads
    • Makes machine parts last longer
    • Outstanding emergency-run characteristics

Grease for all your low, medium and high speed bearings

Product Application Areas

Excellent choice for all your low, medium and high speed Bearings and Sliding Surfaces, Open Gears, Slide ways, Joints, Cogs, Gear Wheels, Guidances, Electric Motors, Fans, Guide Tracks, Axles, Crown Gears, Spindles, Shafts, Valves and an ever increasing range of other industrial applications.


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